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IT Services and Solutions

Data Entry and Systems Migration

Supporting a legacy system alongside a newly implemented solution on different platforms is costly to maintain and confusing plus time consuming for end-users to ‘flick’ between the two systems. Migrating legacy data, through manual data entry or automated processes, leads to a single integrated solution that is efficient and effective to use. Converting data into information to support important business decision making is time consuming and distractive to your ultimate objective to make an informed decision.


  • Data entry from legacy to new solutions, using a scalable number of copy and touch typists
  • Automated data migration solution(s) development and support
  • Market data research support (e.g. Google Adwords)
  • Data Mining and Analysis Reporting


Data converted to information enables effective and good decision-making. The activity of converting data into information can be laborious and time consuming, which distracts you from your ultimate objective to making informed business decisions. Using Ambosco’s scalable work force to help convert data into decision supporting information provides the following benefits.

  • Reduces the time and effort required to making informed business decisions
  • Provides consistence and verified accuracy in the output
  • Reduces costs of maintaining multiple systems to perform the same operation
  • Allows consolidated reporting from a single “golden” data source