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IT Services and Solutions

Application Development

Strategic systems development is an important and necessary change in any organization to keep pace with the information age and its strategic advantages.


  • Collaborative and Agile (JAD, RAD, RUP) method of systems design and development, providing feature-by-feature, iterative delivery of strategically developed solutions; encouraging user feed-back early and defining quality and agreed standards sooner. Comply with the SDLC process to ensure control and client governance
  • Develop green-field; replace tactical or enhancements to existing IT systems, across Windows and Unix platforms, using a range of development languages, e.g. C/C++; Java; VB/VBA; C#; HTML/Perl/CSS/XML; SQL (Oracle, SQL Server, Sybase) etc.


Strategic systems development enables the seamless integration into the business processes of an organization, by supporting and providing consistency of efficiencies throughout the business services. Building automated solutions, using strategic approaches to systems design and development, reduces inevitable human errors in business processing and increases auditing and controls to improve quality of service towards clients.