Ambosco can help you reduce costs and increase services. We can provide and support a multitude of back-office functions helping you to regain focus on your core business functions and provide a competitive advantage.

Financial Services and Operational Support

Front-office, client-facing departments are responsible for revenue generation with support being provided by back-office departments ideally geared for revenue protection. Ambosco provides uncompromising and seamless support to manage the operational business needs of organizations in the financial services sector.


Ambosco provides Business analysis and strategic change management (SCM) services to facilitate the identification of the ‘problem’.

  • Trade Capture + Execution Support – Dealing desk support and middle office functional, including daily PV and P&L valuations
  • Settlement and Cash Processing Support – CREST (model A), International and Derivatives settlement, together with multi-currency end-investor payment processing both electronic and cheques
  • Reconciliations – Stock and Cash; Product Control and Bank Reconciliations
  • Asset Services Support – identification and handling of dividends, coupons, unit trust income and corporate actions
  • Reporting Services – Management Reporting; Client Reporting; BoE and FSA Reporting
  • Data Entry and Management – Client, Trade and Instrument data entry and static data management


We support back-office functions by performing services that reduce costs, increase efficiency and offer flexibility, which we achieve by.

  • Enabling our clients to scale up or down the resources required to fulfill a service in a fast changing world
  • Free our clients from service support tasks and allow them to concentrate on their core revenue generating activities
  • Services tailored to our client’s individual requirements, beginning with a needs and efficiency analysis, followed by a collaborative selection of those processes suitable for cost efficient migration and support

CRM, Supply Chain and Logistics Support

Responding to a client’s request(s) in a timely and responsive manner is important to client acquisition and retention. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems and solutions assist in providing the mechanics for dealing with client relationship management, from inception to delivery.


  • Front-Office sales support (client contact capture and tracking)
  • UK Onshore Contact Centre and Support
  • Order to Cash Operational processing
  • International Logistics Organisation and Tracking (forward and reverse)
  • Research support for sales analytical and intelligence gathering
  • Marketing campaign support
  • Bespoke CRM solutions through IT developed systems and processes
  • Data entry, migration, access and cleansing
  • Reporting: Management Information


Working to win and keep customers is probably the single most important activities a business must under-take.
Building good customer relationships and providing exceptional service, makes winning and keeping customers possible.
With Ambosco’s support and services at your disposal, you can concentrate on deepening customer relations and focus on producing your goods and services, leaving us to help you meet your supply chain needs and delivery commitments towards your customers.

Payments and Banking Support

Managing the flow of cash, both into and out of a business, is critical to its survivability and growth – especially during recessional periods when a firm’s liquidity is vital to its credit and reputation worthiness.


  • Payments and receipts (cash operations) for both intra-company and external
  • Treasury and banking management, including cross-currency strategy implementation
  • Payroll processing and support, so employees are paid on time
  • Management Information and Cash flow Analysis (current and future)


Ambosco helps organizations to focus their investments of time, talent, energy and money on delivering the value wanted by customers. By analyzing cash inflows (revenue generation activities) and cash outflows (revenue spending activities), organizations are able to find ways to increase cash inflows.