As a company we are small enough to care and equally important, big enough to cope. For us difficult is worth doing and because we try harder than the competition, our level of service and commitment to achieving your goals is unparalleled.

Unique Social Outsourcing Model

Through our unique Social Outsourcing Model we add value both sides of the outsourcing equation. As our client you deal exclusively with highly skilled on-shore staff, who are responsible for all analysis, design, quality assurance and delivery of the services we provide.

We’re able to promise this to our customers because we’re uniquely positioned to tap in to lower cost emerging outsourcing destinations compared to the traditional India and China models. The cost savings enable us to employ highly skilled on-shore staff to counter the poor standard of work commonly produced when outsourcing IT development off-shore through traditional models.


Business Process Outsourcing

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is the ‘subcontracting’ of business processes or daily operations to an external services providing company such as Ambosco, in order to reduce costs, increase services, regain focus on core business functions and provide a competitive advantage.

Information Technology Outsourcing

Information Technology Outsourcing (ITO) is the ‘subcontracting’ of an IT function, such as help desk services, software development and support to an external services provider such as Ambosco. ITO can help a company reduce its costs and allow them to focus on core busines functions rather than deal with rapid and regular changes in IT.

Business Outsourcing Solutions

Ambosco’s Business Outsourcing Solutions (BOS) extends on the features of BPO and ITO by providing a complete business outsourcing solution to clients. Our services comprise of business and management consultancy, business process outsourcing and IT services and solutions.


We are dedicated to a collaborative, open and communicative working model with our clients.
Ambosco employs the use of daily/weekly iterative delivery cycles, enabling you to assess the service/deliverable from the first day/week and thereby eliminate any misunderstandings early.





  • Collaborative and client focused Service/Development Approach
  • Flexibility to our client’s changing circumstances (manage scope creep)
  • Early, rapid and continuous delivery of useful services/features
  • Principles based on: Mutual trust, professionalism and technical excellence

OUR Mission

Ambosco aims to provide Transparency, honesty, quality and professionalism in an unequalled, value adding service.


Ambosco uses a unique Social Outsourcing Business Model to deliver high quality, on-time projects for all clients.
Ambosco aims to create and retain innovative jobs on-shore, whilst at the same time help developing nations provide value adding services, to counter the poor standard of work commonly produced when outsourcing IT development off-shore.


Mark Sheahan

Managing Director

Mark brings to Ambosco over 25 years global marketing B2B and B2C experience.
Mark has previously worked for Morgan Grenfell & Co and the BBC. He has owned and run many diverse businesses, including a Recruitment Agency, PC Consultancy, Plastics Moulding Factory, Technology Licensing and Design Companies

Mark holds various memberships and affiliations including, Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, President of the Institute of Patentees and Inventors, Vice Chairman of CRTI, Inventor in Residence for the British Library and is on the Advisory Council for Ideas21.

Matthew Ryan

Customer Relations Director

Matthew Ryan has over 20 years of IT, CRM, Investment Banking and Insurance experience.
Matthew has particular experience of setting up offshore offices, dealing with remote teams and delivering IT solutions and business consultancy services to onshore corporate clients.

Matthew works with a wide range of our UK-based clients, helping to manage the delivery of solutions and services from Ambosco’s remote teams to meeting client requirements.

Matthew is also involved in advising clients in the best way to manage any of their socially aligned outsourcing requirements.


Cost Saving

We specialise in providing you with outsourced services at lower operational costs, yet maintaining a high, personable service quality.

Time Saving

We use a transparent collaborative and iterative operating model that is designed to increase efficiency and ensure on-time delivery.

Cost Flexibility

We allow you to scale up resources when needs require and scale down resources when needs drop, thereby providing certainty in uncertain times.

Focus on Core Business

We allow you to concentrate your resources on core business activities, while we provide you with valuable business support and give you access to a wider range of expertise.

Improved Quality and Service

We enable you to expect higher levels of quality and service by enforcing Service Level Agreements and Contractual Obligations.