Software Escrow Services

Does your business rely on mission-critical custom software applications?

Software Escrow allows you to protect your investment and provides you with peace of mind by protecting you from the risk of failure from your current IT provider.

Unlike other Software Escrow providers, Ambosco specialises in code quality assurance, testing and has expertise in software development and build processes for a variety of different programming languages. This allows us to provide a higher level of assurance via our Software Verification services.


We provide a range of standardised Software Escrow agreements, which are put in place between the Software Supplier, the End User and Ambosco as the independent 3rd party.

In the event the Softawre Supplier is unable to continue maintenance or build of the software (for example , through Bankruptcy or through dispute), Ambosco will release the source code to the End User. The End User can then choose to maintain the software in-house, via another software provider or even instruct Ambosco to continue maintenance.

Our agreements are put in place to ensure you protect your investment and reduce the risk of failure from your current IT provider.

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For a greater level of assurance, Ambosco can ensure all material deposited into Escrow is complete and correct. For mission-critical custom software, a higher level of assurance is required to ensure that you can utilise the material effectively and in a timely manner in the event of a release event.

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In case of a release event (for example, a dispute with your current softare provider), you can instruct Ambosco to continue the build and maintenance of the software.

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