Financial Services and Operational Support

Front-office, client-facing departments are responsible for revenue generation with support being provided by back-office departments ideally geared for revenue protection.

Ambosco provides uncompromising and seamless support to manage the operational business needs of organizations in the financial services sector.

  • Trade Capture + Execution Support – Dealing desk support and middle office functional, including daily PV and P&L valuations
  • Settlement and Cash Processing Support – CREST (model A), International and Derivatives settlement, together with multi-currency end-investor payment processing both electronic and cheques
  • Reconciliations – Stock and Cash; Product Control and Bank Reconciliations
  • Asset Services Support – identification and handling of dividends, coupons, unit trust income and corporate actions
  • Reporting Services – Management Reporting; Client Reporting; BoE and FSA Reporting
  • Data Entry and Management – Client, Trade and Instrument data entry and static data management

We support back-office functions by performing services that reduce costs, increase efficiency and offer flexibility, which we achieve by:

  • Enabling our clients to scale up or down the resources required to fulfill a service in a fast changing world
  • Free our clients from service support tasks and allow them to concentrate on their core revenue generating activities
  • Services tailored to our client’s individual requirements, beginning with a needs and efficiency analysis, followed by a collaborative selection of those processes suitable for cost efficient migration and support

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