CRM, Supply Chain and Logistics Support

Responding to a client’s request(s) in a timely and responsive manner is important to client acquisition and retention.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems and solutions assist in providing the mechanics for dealing with client relationship management, from inception to delivery.

  • Front-Office sales support (client contact capture and tracking)
  • UK Onshore Contact Centre and Support
  • Order to Cash Operational processing
  • International Logistics Organisation and Tracking (forward and reverse)
  • Research support for sales analytical and intelligence gathering
  • Marketing campaign support
  • Bespoke CRM solutions through IT developed systems and processes
  • Data entry, migration, access and cleansing
  • Reporting: Management Information

Working to win and keep customers is probably the single most important activities a business must under-take.

Building good customer relationships and providing exceptional service, makes winning and keeping customers possible.

With Ambosco’s support and services at your disposal, you can concentrate on deepening customer relations and focus on producing your goods and services, leaving us to help you meet your supply chain needs and delivery commitments towards your customers.

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