Management Profiles


Abdul Mann
Managing Director

Abdul Mann is the founder and Managing Director of Ambosco Limited. Abdul has over 25 years IT and Business Industry experience.

Starting his IT career as a COBOL, C and Assembler Programmer, Abdul progressed on to become a Systems Analyst and Strategic Systems Architect before moving across to the business domain of Financial Services, Investment Banking and Stock Exchanges.

With experience across a range of industrial sectors from financial, television and media, property, travel and tourism, logistics and supply chain and retail, Abdul provides the vision necessary to drive Ambosco forward.

Mark Sheahan
Marketing Director

Mark brings to Ambosco over 25 years global marketing B2B and B2C experience.

Mark has previously worked for Morgan Grenfell & Co and the BBC. He has owned and run many diverse businesses, including a Recruitment Agency, PC Consultancy, Plastics Moulding Factory, Technology Licensing and Design Companies

Mark holds various memberships and affiliations including, Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, President of the Institute of Patentees and Inventors, Vice Chairman of CRTI, Inventor in Residence for the British Library and is on the Advisory Council for Ideas21.

Steve Capon
Technical Director

Steve Capon has over 10 years of IT design, development and architecture experience in the Investment Banking domain.

Steve has worked for various tier 1 investment banks and has held positions in both Regulatory Compliance back office as well as Fixed Income and Equity Derivatives front office roles.

Steve also brings extensive experience of outsourcing development and support functions to Ambosco, having setup and/or worked with offshore teams located in Singapore, China, India and Pakistan.

Howard Tappenden
Finance Director

Howard Tappenden has over 20 years of Global Management Consultancy experience across a number of industrial sectors.

Starting from a legal background working at the Crown Prosecution Service, Howard moved into IT systems development and infrastructure management, for a range of IT consultancies, before moving into Financial Management for leading Investment Banks and Financial Institutions, specialising in financial and risk systems.

Howard provides Ambosco with the financial and legal basis on which to deliver exceptional services to our clients.

Matthew Ryan
Customer Relations Director

Matthew Ryan has over 20 years of IT, CRM, Investment Banking and Insurance experience.

Matthew has particular experience of setting up offshore offices, dealing with remote teams and delivering IT solutions and business consultancy services to onshore corporate clients.

Matthew works with a wide range of our UK-based clients, helping to manage the delivery of solutions and services from Ambosco's remote teams to meeting client requirements.

Matthew is also involved in advising clients in the best way to manage any of their socially aligned outsourcing requirements.

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